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Polio Conference

25-27 JUNE 2014


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Polio Survivors Network (PSN) is the working name of the Lincolnshire Post Polio Network (founded in 1996).  The working name is a better reflection of our membership. Read more...

Looking for medical articles on Post Polio Syndrome? Then visit the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library to read more than 100 full text medial articles. Read more...

Looking for an overall good medical article that you can show to your UK health professionals?  Read the PatientPlus article on Post Polio Syndrome...

Looking to share information, hints, tips and bits about your polio life and how you are coping with these unexpected - yet medically recorded in 1875 - new symptoms of functional decline at a much earlier age than you expected? Why not become a member...

Polio Survivors Network Members Survey, report published October 2011.  Click here to view...