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Lincolnshire Post Polio Network is now in transition to become Polio Survivors Network.
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01522 888601

If busy or unattended, automatically switches to voicemail where you can leave your message and contact details.
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Information about us including online copies of all our Newsletters and how to join the LincsPPN. Over one hundred Polio and Post-Polio articles online. Fully catalogued. All articles are full text versions, not abstracts. Comprehensive catalogue of Polio and Post-Polio resources on the Internet and elsewhere.
  What is PPS?
  A brief but concise overview of Post-Polio Syndrome. For an overview of medical terminology used to describe Post-Polio conditions see Terminology, also by the author of this overview.  
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for the latest information on the site rebuild project.

[ Reception ][ Library ][ Networking ][ Directory ][ What's New? ]

The Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network
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An Information Service for Polio Survivors and Medical Professionals

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