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ME - The New Plague

by Jane Colby

The Sunday Times, London, England, circa 1996

ME in children is headline news in the UK national press. Jane Colby's new book shows that it has reached epidemic proportions in schools.

The book finally lays to rest the myth that ME is "all in the mind". It reveals the hidden link between ME and the paralysing disease of polio.

Published in June and already into its second edition, it was chosen by Dr Anne Macintyre, medical adviser to the UK ME charities, for the BBC television factsheet. It is fast becoming the definitive advice and information source for those dealing with paediatric ME.

Adults too will discover a whole new philosophy of life to help them. Personal interviews with top specialists give inside information: they include Dr Elizabeth Dowsett, Honorary Consultant Microbiologist for SE Essex National Health Service Trust, Dr Alan Franklin, Consultant Paediatrician and ME specialist, Chelmsford, England.

Plus: practical management strategies; Survivors' Lifestyle Checklist; risk factor list; poetry for contemplation and discussion. Find out how to tell ME frorn School Phobia. Refer to the latest UK schools' guidelines, as used by the UK National ME Task Force.

Author Jane Colby, a Task Force member, ME researcher and former School Principal, also wrote the acclaimed Guidelines for Schools as featured in the UK national education press, and the much publicised Children's Charter, circulated by the Office for Standards in Education to UK School Inspectors. She warns: "The likely link between ME and polio has serious implications. If the condition is missed or treated wrongly, children can end up unable to speak, swallow or even move."

What the specialists say:
"ME - The New Plague represents a major step forward in scientific thinking and care." Dr Richard Bruno, Director, Post-Polio Rehabilitation and Research Service, Kessler Institute, New Jersey.

"Jane Colby has managed to include at least 10 important points that are NOT in my third edition of Better Recovery from Viral Illness. Indeed, one could recommend this chapter as being an update of my book." Dr Darrel Ho-Yen, Consultant Microbiologist, Raigmore Hospital NHS Trust, Scotland.

Jane is now a consultent for the education of children with ME. Visit her Web site on

The book can be ordered from:

First and Best in Education Ltd
34 Nene Valley Business Park

Phone: +44 (0)1832 275285 Fax: +44 (0)1832 275281

ME The New Plague paperback T1140YG at 12.95 each

Delivery is free in the UK or 3.50 overseas and payment or credit card details must be sent with order. If you give a credit card number please give your home address even if you require delivery to another address. Please remember to include your card expiry date as well. We take all major credit cards except American Express.

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