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The late effects of Polio Information for Health Care Providers
Charlotte Leboeuf

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There are two vaccines. The Salk vaccine, an inactivated intramuscular type, was introduced in the late 1950s. This was followed ten years later by the Sabin vaccine, an attenuated live oral variety (1).

It is widely believed that the Sabin vaccine is the more efficient, since it produces gut as well as systemic immunity (2). The Salk type results only in systemic immunity, allowing for excretion of wild polio virus in symptom-free carriers. Since the Sabin type is a live vaccine, there is a risk of vaccine-related paralysis (3-5).

The risk of contracting vaccine-related paralysis in vaccine recipients or their close contacts has been estimated to be one per 3 million doses distributed (6). Immunisation should be offered early in life to avoid such ill-effects of the vaccine, which is more common with increased age. Unimmunised parents should be immunised at the same time as their infants to protect them from infection from virus that will be present in the infant's faeces for some three weeks.

Some of the contra-indications to polio immunisation are:


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