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A practical approach to the late effects of Polio
Charlotte Leboeuf

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If you previously had polio, you probably assumed that once you had reached maximum recovery you would remain at this functional level for the rest of your active life.

If you have heard of the late effects of polio you may be aware that some people who once had polio have developed unexpected new symptoms many years after the acute disease. You or somebody close to you may experience symptoms which you believe could be the late effects of polio. On the other hand, you may not have noticed any difference in health status but you are concerned about the risk of developing this "new" condition.

Whatever your particular circumstances, it is important that you obtain information about the late effects of polio so you can prevent or, at least, manage symptoms which may arise from the second phase of this disease.

The rest of this booklet deals with the late effects of polio and is aimed at people who previously had polio and their families, friends and carers.

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