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Pack of 5 - £4.50 including P & P

Order by writing to Polio Survivors Network or email to johnval.scrivener412@btinternet.com, or ring Val direct on 01234 346397.

The photos below and on the back page of the newsletters give just a taste of the range of topics covered by my Photo cards.  When ordering, it is really helpful if you give some idea of the subjects that most appeal to you. The sort of subjects covered include flowers, animals, trains, landscapes, buildings and, of course, cards with a seasonal theme (wintery scenes, Christmas etc.).  You may even state that you would like a pack with subjects suitable for men or, as one customer stated, 'no cats please!' - I am more than happy to oblige.

Where possible I try, when making up collections, to relate them (in the case of flowers) to the appropriate time of year.

Thanks, Val Scrivener

Support Us

Polio Survivors Network does not have paid employees and is run entirely by volunteers, the majority of whom have been/are polio survivors with PPS. We need your help to keep continue to maintain our services which includes our Members email discussion forum which some of our members have described as a lifeline.

We have provided this site, launched in February 1996, so that you can have the fullest amount of information about Post Polio Syndrome.

For us, this illness causes significant problems and one way of coping with it is to have the facility to exchange details of our problems and coping strategies with other people who are similarly affected.


Join our Team and be part of the decision making process, write, ring or email us for more information.


Take on a task, e.g. Do you or would you take a magazine or newsletter on a regular basis and let us know of anything that might be of interest to other members?


If you would like to host a small meeting of nearby members then please contact us for more information.


If you have found the information on this site useful then please consider supporting us by making a donation in UK £ or US $ or sending us a book of stamps.